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Reno and Sparks homes under $300,000

I just ran a quick search for a client looking for a home in the Reno area under $300,000. I was surprised to see the real numbers of ACTIVE homes on the market in Reno. I also added in Sparks to get a feel for how that would change the numbers. See below...

138 Active homes on the market UNDER $300,000 in Reno (includes all of Reno; up to Cold Springs, down to South Reno, over to Hidden Valley, and over through Somersett)

221 when you include Sparks and Spanish Springs (311 including condos)

169 if you want a two car garage (185 including condos)

148 if you want 3 bedroom/2 bathrooms (158 including condos)

If you are looking for a home in Reno/Sparks, understand that inventory is very low. If you need a loan, make sure you are qualified with a lender and let me help you do the research ahead of time so when the perfect home comes up - you are ready to jump!

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