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Take the fast lane from South Reno to Sparks

The SouthEast Connector (formerly the Tahoe/Pyramid Link) is scheduled to be complete in 2017 and will provide a more efficient alternative for commuters who travel between south Reno and east Reno/Sparks. It has been in the works for 50 years and is now under construction – and not a moment too soon.

The new roadway – to be called Veterans Parkway – will stretch 5.5 miles from the intersection of Greg Street/Sparks Boulevard to the Veterans Parkway and South Meadows Parkway intersection. The road will be three lanes in each direction and have a limited number of intersections between Greg Street and South Meadows Parkway. The project will be designed to meet the safety criteria of a high-speed roadway with features including wide shoulders, full median and/or barrier rail, turn lanes at intersections, and separation of the multi-use path from vehicle lanes.

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