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Mission Control, we are ready for blast-off in Sparks.

If Reno/Sparks is going to be ready for the R&D, engineering, IT, and manufacturing jobs headed our way, we need graduates in these fields. This is the idea behind STEM programs (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Everyone agrees that STEM is imperative in a competitive global marketplace, but how do we initiate the passion in our students?

Fortunately, a handful of brilliant NASA team members and scientists worked hard to bring The Challenger Learning Center to Northern Nevada. As one of only 42 centers in the world, The Challenger Center of Northern Nevada uses space exploration as a theme to foster a long-term interest in mathematics, science, and technology; and motivate them to pursue careers in these fields. One of our current NASA astronauts (possibly headed to Mars one day) credits The Challenger Learning Center for her career path.

Challenger Center of Northern Nevada

The Challenger Center allows participants to become the astronauts, scientists, engineers or medical team members on simulated missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Available for class groups or business teams. For more information, visit

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