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Is THIS the time to sell?

Are you asking yourself this question lately? Life brings many ups, downs, and sideways turns that push us to ask, "Is this the right time to sell the house?" published this article that addresses some things to think about when deciding on the "right" time:

Contact your trusted Realtor and start with a Comparative Market Analysis to see what your home may be worth in comparision to other homes in the area. If the value is there, and you are about to put your home on the market, listen to that trusted Realtor with their advice for getting it market-ready. Time to de-clutter everywhere (yes, even that closet!) Next, clean, clean, and then clean some more. Pay attention to the details for every showing and make sure the house smells good. Staging make s a huge difference and can increase the amount you get for your home. For more information about the current Reno Real Estate Market, contact me at

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