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10 Reasons Reno is the BEST place to live in the West.

Every time I see an article offering a list of The Best Places to Live, I quickly scroll through the bulleted list in hopes of spotting my hometown of Reno included somewhere in the mix. I admit, it is the competitiveness coming through. I love Reno so everyone else should too - right? In the interest of full disclosure, I am from California originally and lived in Truckee for 18 years. For many years, I would drive to Reno for a day of shopping at Costco, Trader Joe's, Macy's and about 40 other shops. I did not venture into Old Southwest Reno or Caughlin Ranch so I missed how much this town had to offer. Over the past few years I have watched this city flourish with more incredible restaurants, increasing support of small businesses and neighborhoods like Midtown re-invent itself. I was thrilled to see Reno once again made Liveability’s Top 100 Best Places to Live In 2014, Reno was included on this list in the top 10 – so impressive!

I feel very fortunate to live in Reno and I when I say it is awesome, I can back it up! Below are the top 10 reasons Reno is one of the best places to live…

#10 Membership at the Nevada Museum of Art. I love the modern architecture of this gorgeous building. The art exhibits catch you by surprise and the restaurant, Chez Louie is very good.

#9 Watching the Midtown District become the “coolest” part of Reno. A group of small business owners working collaboratively to improve an area of our town. The best underdog story in the making. Amazing restaurants, fun bars and interesting shops.

#8 The Truckee Riverwalk area. Voted one of 10 Best Riverwalks in America by Travel & Leisure Magazine. See photo below and decide for yourself how awesome it is to have a river running through our city.

#7 University of Nevada, Reno. Teir One University status - need I say more?

#6 Taking in a game at the Reno Aces Ballpark. Affordable family baseball fun - or head upstairs to the open-air bars.

#5 A show at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts. Broadway shows in Reno.

#4 Really, really good restaurants. SoDo, Brasserie Saint James, Campo, Brewers Cabinet, Midtown Eats and more opening everyday.

#3 A day at Lake Tahoe. Ok, Lake Tahoe is at least 30 minutes from Reno so it is borderline tricky to include in a list of the best parts of Reno but it is so awesome and make Reno awesome becasue it is so close.

#2 The month of July attending ArtTown events. Everyone looks forward to the month of July with multiple ArtTown events each night.

#1 Affordable living in a beautiful place. This one I am better off showing you in person. Contact me here.

Truckee River, Reno

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